CEO Message

We will continue to run highway just to the horizon of dream and hope.

The concept that preserved us through half century has been the enthusiasm to continue the daily effort in order to maintain reliability. Although the times change from moment to moment, we believe that not only will we respond to the challenge, but our corporate stance of seeking innovation and foregoing opportunities will create products of the next generation. We will strengthen our research and development (R&D) structure, synergize the inherent technology, pursue short delivery, promote internalization and combine all power of all technologies, manufacturing and sales. Additionally, if we consider about the future, homogenous respect within the organization, we will create a stronger HYGENTE GROUP since the young generation make up the society of the future. It is natural that the organization hears the voice of the young people to be prepared for the cornerstone of next 100 year mark. We will continue to pursue the innovation to build an outstanding products as well as product development for next generation products. We will continue to unite the Hygente Group and we will continue running our way HY-WAY.

Tsuyoshi Kobayashi