Immediate reaction to the "Etching processing" by utilizing of group cooperation

In the production of precision parts such as lead frames, it is also possible to select etching processing (surface processing technique by application of precision photography and photo corrosion method) in addition to the stamping processing.Under the cooperation system of the Hygente Group, we guarantee production with high quality, high precision, and speedy for the customized request and manufacturing from small-lot to mass production.

Chemical Photo Etching
Available from small amount of prototyping such as metal mask, mesh, plate and lead frame
Fiber laser processing
Fiber laser processing enables processing of variety of materials like copper such as combined processing power system lead frames
Diffusion bonding, thermal pressure bonding, laser welding
Cost reduction of seam trays, transport carriers, etc. can be achieved by laminating of thin plates
Various rack plating, barrel plating
Precise partial plating over the lead frames and various precision parts are available. Electroless Ni, Black Ni, Black Oxide plating are available