Aiming to be a 100-year company

For half a century, we at the Hygent Group have been working on manufacturing that will lead to the next generation through the daily efforts of each and every one of us, based on the technology and know-how that we have cultivated. The times are changing by the minute, and in recent years, various social issues have become apparent on a global scale, and social attention to the SDGs is increasing. Therefore, in April 2021, we started the edible cricket business, thinking that we could fulfill our social responsibility through efforts that consider the global environment as a group. Crickets have a high protein content, high nutritional value, feed efficiency and low CO2 emissions compared to livestock.
Our mission is to create, protect, and connect a sustainable society and environment for the future.
The Hygent Group will continue to aim to become a “100-year company” that contributes to the progress of society and the creation of the environment through business development.