Quality and environment


Quality management system

Renewed efforts to further improve our quality management and control began in 1995 by obtaining of HYGENTE TECHNOLOGY Co.,LTD's the International Standard for Quality Management System "ISO9001". This system implements a thorough pre-shipment inspection in addition to the total inspection process applied to each level. The highest standard of JIS standard "Quality Assurance Program" is incorporated. At our plants, FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis), SPC (Statistical Process Control), MSA (Measurement Systems Analysis) were introduced and implemented to further our pursuit in quality management. Furthermore, we are committed in the prevention of defects from the design stage, through constant improvement of procedures and quality control.

Environmental management

International standard for environmental management systems "ISO14001" was acquired by HYGENTE TECHNOLOGY Co.,LTD's in 1998. The implementation of an environmental policy allows us to actively comply with environmental laws, pollution prevention, and risk management and ensures our constant focus on these issues and the preservation of our environment. ISO audits are performed within our plants in compliance with all standards, and further measures to strengthen the environmental awareness at all factory locations are performed. Each plant holds the motto, "3R thoroughly".
The 3R motto is comprised of: (1) REDUCE (reduce generation of waste), (2) REUSE (reuse of items), (3) RECYCLE (recycling of waste). In this order, we diligently work towards conservation.

ISO Certificate