Alumina ceramics


Boldly taking on the challenge of developing products that will support next-generation communication networks

In addition to the glass-hermetic type metal packages that are used in many trunk optical communication repeaters, the demand for high-frequency module packages that enable high-speed, large-capacity communication is increasing. By establishing technology and equipment, we are able to make optimal proposals that match the application. Using the bonding technology backed by the ceramics manufacturing technology and know-how that we have cultivated, we are actively challenging the next-generation communication field, and we are also developing a variety of custom-made products in fields other than optical communication.

High frequency design

Based on the customer's design, we will conduct high-frequency electromagnetic simulations and propose a high-frequency design that satisfies the desired characteristics with our ceramics.

Package for 100G Tx/Rx
High frequency laminated substrate
ICR, etc.

  • Design example

    Insertion impedance
    25Ω to 50Ω (differential 50 to 100Ω)
    Drive frequency 25GHz to 70GHz
    Insertion -3dB,
    Differentiation -20dB

(* Virtual connection simulation with substrate is also negotiable)

Laminate substrate

HYGENTE also supports lamination of internally produced alumina ceramics. The basic design rules are:

  • Single layer ceramic thickness

    ・ MAX : 0.5mm
    ・ MIN : 0.2mm
  • Laminated ceramic thickness

    ・ MAX : 4.35mm
    ・ MIN : 0.4mm
  • Pattern width

    ・ 0.15mmMIN
  • Pattern spacing

    ・ 0.15MIN
  • Via diameter

    ・ φ0.15mm, φ0.18mm, φ0.2mm
  • Via pitch

    ・ 3.5 times or more of VIA diameter

Simulation 3D Model

S-parameter (translations & reflections)

Electric field distribution map (25GHz)