Cricket farming business


Insect food is being developed to solve social issues that will arise in the future. One of the issues that has been mentioned in particular is how to deal with the "protein crisis." The “protein crisis” means that the consumption of meat and fish continues to increase worldwide due to global population growth and expansion of the middle class, and protein supply cannot keep up with demand around the world between 2025 and 2030. Insects are attracting attention as a solution to this problem because they have a very low environmental impact when raised for food, but they also have a very high nutritional value, including protein.
HYGENTE pays attention here. From the perspective of SDGs, we considered it an opportunity to contribute to society as a company, and officially started working on cricket farming in 2021.

Breeding in an environment with thorough temperature and humidity control

Keep the inside of the case clean, and carry out regular feeding and water supply.


Install full-fledged drying equipment
Suitable for large-scale production.


Tailored to your needs
It can be powdered by particle size.

production volume 300 kg/month (weight of adulthood)
We are currently working on expanding our production capacity.
  • Gryllus bimaculatus
  • Acheta domestica
Shipping status ・ Frozen state ・ Dry state ・ Powder state
Lead time 1-2 months
About allergies Crickets are similar to shrimp and crabs. Please avoid if you are allergic to shellfish.
safety management It has been confirmed that the following 7 items are not present
  1. coliform
  2. General viable count
  3. Staphylococcus aureus
  4. Mold count
  5. Bacillus cereus
  6. Arsenic
  7. cadmium

The crickets are fed with food that humans can eat, and HYG's thorough management system keeps them safe and secure!
It is also said to be a valuable source of protein in the future that will replace meat and is kind to the environment!