Hermetic Seal


Advanced hermetic seal technology opens up possibilities in advanced technology fields

HYGENTE mainly provide high-frequency packages that support optical communication technology, TO CAN PACKAGE for semiconductor lasers, industrial use, optical sensors, and hermetic seal products for crystal oscillators that protect the important function of various industrial products.
We flexibly pursue product development according to the application and characteristics of materials, while making the most of our advantage of being able to apply both glass and ceramics processing technology.
With stable quality and advanced hermeticity and insulation, we promise reliable hermetic seals that keep precision electronic components in the best condition at all times.

Optical communication

Optical communication, which supports the world of the Internet, which has become an indispensable part of our lives, is currently undergoing rapid technological development. The amount of data is enormous due to the increase in users of video posting and distribution represented by YouTube, and VOC services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix.
Now that 5G services, which are wireless high-speed communication methods, are becoming widespread, there is an urgent need to build a communication infrastructure in anticipation of Beyond 5G, and optical communication supports it. HYGENTE has been involved in the development of laser technology that supports optical communication for many years, and has provided highly reliable products. In recent years, in anticipation of speeding up beyond 100G, which has become popular, we design and manufacture multilayer ceramic terminals and substrates that require high-frequency design, and have received high praise from our customers.

  • Usage

    ・ 2.5G~100G high speed communication
    ・ Pump laser
    ・ Switch/modulator
  • Specification

    ・ TO-5 type
    ・ TO-46 type
    ・ DIL Type Package
    ・ Butterfly Package
    ・ PKG with GPPO


A world where all things are controlled by sensing and are useful for people's lives. That future is just around the corner. In familiar areas, there are sensors for home disaster prevention, medical applications such as sensors that measure body temperature, and security applications such as fingerprint authentication and face authentication. In automobiles, they are used in a variety of applications, from driving support for ensuring safety to various sensors for fully automated driving that will be realized in the near future. HYGENTE manufactures and provides Hermetic seal terminals for consumer sensors, automotive sensors, and industrial sensors that are used in special environments.

  • Usage

    ・ Nitrogen gas sensor
    ・ Medical care
    ・ In-vehicle (LiDAR/3D), etc.
  • Specification

    ・ TO-5 type
    ・ TO-46 type
    ・ DIL Type Package
    ・ Butterfly Package

High pressure/Explosion proof/Vacuum/High voltage

High-current and high-voltage connectors used for power sources and motive power such as power plants and applications that are used in hazardous and harsh environments, such as chemical plants and oil and gas sensing, require more reliable hermetic terminal technology. These highly reliable technologies are also used as connectors for semiconductor devices and various vacuum chambers.

  • Usage

    ・ Current introduction terminal
    ・ Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
    ・ Vacuum equipment
    ・ Hydrogen gas sensor
  • Specification

    ・ Coaxial hermetic seal terminal
    ・ Multi-pin hermetic seal terminal
    ・ Ceramic hermatic seal terminal

Power devices

About half a century has passed since the 1mW CO2 laser was first developed.
Nowadays, YAG lasers and fiber laser processing machines are used depending on the purpose and application, and lasers are also becoming higher power. In particular, fiber lasers, which use semiconductor lasers, have a small spot diameter, can be used for fine processing, and can be used to process highly reflective materials, so the market is growing. In addition, the demand for 3D printers using lasers is growing because they can create shapes that cannot be handled by macinening. In addition, vehicles with bright and long irradiation distances such as in-vehicle laser headlights are also being adopted, and the demand for high-power lasers is growing rapidly. HYGENTE manufactures and provides laser bar cutting and hermetic products using copper material with high heat dissipation for high-power lasers.

  • Usage

    ・ Laser machine
    ・ medical care
    ・ In-vehicle
    ・ Lighting, light source, etc.
  • Specification

    ・ TO-5 typeΦ5.6 SPC Base+OFHC
    ・ 9mm SPC Base+OFHC
    ・ OFHC TO Header
    ・ OFHC 65WMin Package
    ・ Butterfly Package

Lamps/light sources

With the widespread use of LED lighting for semiconductor light sources, opportunities to see them in various places have increased. In recent years, as the output of UV LED lamps has increased, there has been growing interest in their use for curing resins and especially for sterilization purposes. In addition, laser light sources that take advantage of the characteristics of high output, high brightness, and the light-guiding properties of fibers are also used in automotive headlights, HUDs (head-up displays), and industrial processing machines. In medical applications, it is also used as a light source for endoscopes due to its excellent illuminance and color rendering properties. HYGENTE provides hermetic products using metals and ceramics for semiconductor light sources and lamp light sources, heat dissipation materials, and plating processing technology.

  • Usage

    Laser light source
    ・ UV-LED
    ・ RGB light source
    ・ Medical light source
  • Specification

    ・ TO-5 Type
    ・ TO-46 Type
    ・ Φ9mm type
    ・ Ceramic

Crystal oscillator

Electronic devices that play an active role in our lives must be controlled accurately. Many people think of crystal oscillators as being installed in equipment that emits radio waves, but they also play an important role in timing and controlling each device by electrically oscillating regularly. Therefore, it works on all devices. Among them, crystal oscillators and oscillators for communication base stations, which require highly reliable control that can withstand environmental changes over a long period of time, are important devices, and high reliability is also required for parts. For many years, Hygent has provided crystal oscillators that support communication base stations and hermetic seals for transmitters, and has earned the trust of customers.

  • 用途

    ・ For mobile base stations
    ・ Automotive
  • Specification

    ・ HC-43U
    ・ HC-45U
    ・ Metal package


We provide lids for various packages and CAPs for TO Headers, which are important parts for final sealing of packages and TO Headers for hermetic sealing.
Package lids are generally processed by etching. Plating, which is an important factor in seam welding, is performed in-house using reliable technology cultivated over many years. The lids provided by our plating technology have been trusted and well-received by our customers for many years as they contribute to the improvement of yield. We also offer lids with lenses for various wavelength bands in response to customer requests.We also offer CAPs with lenses in various AR-coated wavelength bands.

  • Various CAN packages & CAPs

    ・ TO-56 stem
    ・ TO-46 stem
    ・ TO-5 stem
    ・ TO-8 stem
    ・ Various stem caps
    (Please inquire about the type of AR coat)

  • Lids (covers) for various packages

    In addition to standard size covers, we can also manufacture custom sizes.